MouldCat® is a unique graphic data­base where all critical project documentation is ac­cessible and maintained always up to date . It is a webshop based customer accessible stock and spare part handling portal which manages the project and related mould documentation.


We offer centralized spare parts logistics between the toolmakers and component manufactures to our customers. In addition, we can perform the spare part validation before release to the contract manufacturers to ensure optimal stock level, lead time and tool spare history record.



  • Knowledge and leanings database
  • Experience log – observations and implementations
  • Mail user & SMS code customer login
  • Access to FT’s online mould-performance box
  • Online access to updated mould documentation
  • QR matrix barcode ID history information for spare parts
  • Spare part handling and stock management
  • WEB shop for ordering spare parts
  • Price list and management of spare parts
  • Report generator for spare part consumption and history
  • Report for Mould service, design and change log track

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